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Hi all

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Sorry I can't type Spanish but have joined to mainly read (google translate) and enjoy the pictures. I have owned my Exeo since it was 6 months old with 3,400 miles on the odometer. It is a 2013 model and has been a great car. 

There isn't much of a following in the UK for them sadly but I still get people admiring the car when out on the road after 7 years of ownership. 

It is a completely standard Exeo ST 170 "Sport Tech". I've not modified it but fancy changing the alloys (Audi S4 8 spokes or maybe some Bola B1s) and would probably fit an eibach pro kit.

Here are some pictures:

Today @ 76,000 thousand

[img] [/ img]

[img] [/ img]

About 7 years ago (still looks the same!)

[img] [/ img]

Winter wheels

[img] [/ img]


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