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06 de Agosto de 2014

MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3, neumáticos a la altura

MICHELIN ha presentado su nueva cubierta de altas prestaciones para vehículos SUV’s que sólo vayan a ser usados en asfalto.
Desde: Latitude
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08 de Enero de 2011

Torque Android App Review & OBDII Bluetooth Adapte...

A cool gadget if you're a car fan. This one should do the trick - Check our site for more info on this. Follow @hemorrdroids and @AndyCr15 in Twitter. Also, Circle me up on G+ -
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29 de Enero de 2012

torque Android app Track Recorder EVO 8 (test run)

This video is a Test-Run of a new app on my Droid Razr. App: Torque (Track Recorder with guages overlay plugin) Seems to work pretty well, though on the phone, the vid also has a translucent Map Overlay of the roads I'm driving on For some reason that did not transfer when DL'd to my PC. Things to adjust: Camera mount for more stability. (It's clipped to my rearview mirror by a beltclip) Add more Guages. Relocate Guages from lower corner.. they are cropped out. Figure out how to get my Boost Guage working properly. (sits in the negatives at idle) Video is shot HD but definitely loses some quality during the Exporting and Encoding process. More and better vids to come. Music Info: Artist: Haujobb Album: New World March...
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02 de Mayo de 2012

Torque Android App + HTC EVO 4G

Test run of the video capture plugin.
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Avatar jose308cc
29 de Septiembre de 2011

Renault Latitude dCi 150 CV. Prueba Portalcoches.n...

Lee la prueba enás%20por%20menos/5622.html

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